Dear Saints, I hope this email finds you practicing the presence of the Lord. I was recently reading my church history book and the story of the ministry of the Salvation Army. Their organization was structured after a military model with General William Booth being their commander. The Army’s purpose was to win the lost at any cost and care for the poor. As I contemplated the success the Army had in reaching lost souls for Christ I believe it can be attributed to the structure of the organization. First, they knew they had joined an army not a country club. An army that demanded self discipline and total commitment from each member. The Apostle Paul writing to his apprentice in the faith said “ a good soldier doesn’t get entangled in the affairs of others” but is totally committed to the Army’s agenda. Secondly, those who enlisted in the Army were very conscious of the fact they were in a War for the souls of human beings. In war there are hardships to endure and casualties that come with the battle. The Army was well prepared mentally for a difficult life and were willing to sacrifice for the cause. This reminds me of the opening page of the book The Road less traveled, “ Life is tough get used to it”. I know this quote sounds quite gruff, but from experience I can say when I’m mentally prepared for tough times, they are not as tough.  Thirdly, they knew who their commander was and were willing to follow him into battle for the lives of others. General Booth lived a sacrificial life before his Lord and the members of the Army. Jesus Christ is our Commander who laid down his life for us and calls us to deny self, pick up our cross, and follow him into battle for the souls that he died for. I highly recommend you read up on the Salvation Army’s history, it will inspire you to press on for the Lord in the times we are living. 

Pastor Al 

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