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There will be a new small group starting June 20th and running Thursday evenings from 6:30-8pm for 8-10 weeks! We are combining forces with Seek and find to intentionally make space for the Presence of God and see what He has in store!!

We will be using a DVD curriculum by Bill Johnson, called "Hosting the Presence".

"The Holy Spirit dwells inside us for our sake, but He rests upon us for the sake of others. What does life look like when we become aware that we host the Presence of God? Every step we take will be with the Holy Spirit in mind. In this teaching, Bill Johnson explores the privelege of hosting the Spirit of God and the effect that hosting His presence has on the world around us."

Text Shannon at 403-563-9038 and include your name, if youd like to join, and we can ensure a book/workbook package is ordered for you! The cost is $55, but if cost is a concern, just let us know and we can help out.

**Some dates may change**