Jenness Shortreed

Good day Church,

I hope this email finds you well.
There is no easy way to say a Church we would like to be proactive in your safety and health.
Unfortunately, a couple of our speakers are not well  and we know of a few others in the Church and community that are feeling sick .....flus, colds and yes, a few cases of Covid.
So we have made the decision to not have a Live Church service for this Sunday(October 24th). There will be an online service replayed in place of it.
Bible Studies/Discipleship groups and youth group on Sunday night are still happening.
*****We ask that if you are not well....feeling physically off in any flu/cold like way....please do not come until you have no symptoms of cold or flu.****
We ask that you wear your mask and wash your hands.
I know there are many emotions that can arise from the information in this email...frustration, anger, fear, sadness...... I want to encourage you to bring these feelings to the Lord. Do not let them fester and be tucked away. Trust that God is in this!!!
While you are praying, please pray for those who aren't well and however else the Lord leads.
I have been listening to a song this past month that seems so applicable these days ... most days ....really any day. 
May the words of this song minister to any unsettled part of your mind or heart.
"Daily, daily I surrender
Grace for today is all that I need
Surprised by a mercy that's new every  morning
Awaken my soul to sing
I will trust where You lead
I will trust when I can't see
Morning by morning
Great is Your faithfulness to me
I will trust with all my heart
You are good, You always are
Morning by morning
Great is Your faithfulness to me
Breath by breath overtaken by wonder
One step at a time when I'm overwhelmed
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow
Awaken my soul to sing
All fear be reminded 
My future is secure
My Father has spoken
And He keeps His every word"
God bless you Church and may you encounter the Rest and Peace of the Lord this week.
May you be a Light in the darkness to your neighbour .
Until next week,